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Android Development Co-ordination with IIT, Kanpur


Development of Mobile Technology Platforms &Solutions for Visualization of Business Operations to Implement Lean-Manufacturing in PSUs/ SMEs
In the context of manufacturing, the term ‘lean’ refers to production practices that consider only those resource expenditures required to pursue and achieve goals directly related to the creation of value for the end customer. The focus is on improving the “flow” or smoothness of work, thereby steadily eliminating “variations” in the system and not reduction of waste perse.
The implementation of smooth flow exposes quality problems that exist, and thus waste reduction naturally results as a consequence. Aligned with such Lean Manufacturing practices it is proposed to develop the technologies and tool sets that would enable build capabilities in PSUs/MSMEs for implementing a ‘Lean-Mobile Based Operations Management – Lean MB-OPM’ system for the MSME units that would result in effectively managing resources, activity or processes for enhanced value creation with enhanced visualization and cues that would enable take corrective interventions while monitoring operations. The system uses Android SDK and AUTOCAD simulations with graphical online data depictions of performance metrics characterizing manufacturing and related business operations.


  • Develop Technology platforms for Effective Operations Management and associated design, development and implementation of solutions towards realizing lean manufacturing goals
  • Solutions to present Visualization of material flow, capacity utilization, manpower deployment, utilization, productivity, activity costs, production planning & scheduling, production status, inventory levels, order bookings, sales value realization, project wise costing, margins per product, per day etc..
  • To develop rapid prototyping approaches for replication of the solution across MSMEs to implement practices and achieve enhanced levels of efficiency, value generation and cost reduction.
  • Build and realize capacities with demonstrated results that encourage adoption
  • To create and design implementation solution, technology platform, approaches and tool kits for Operations Management implementations that help a younger generation of engineers in manufacturing units adapt and embrace the technology in a natural way in their day to day work and lifestyle.