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Civil Engineering

About the department

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering at ST Joseph College of Engineering .We hope you have an informative visit to our website.

The Civil Engineering department was established in the year 2009 at St.Joseph College of Engineering. The intellectual ability and smart work of our students are the stepping stone of our Department success. A student friendly campus with discipline and safety.

Civil Engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals etc. Civil engineering takes place in the public sector from municipal through to National governments, and in the private sector from individual homeowners through to international companies. The Civil Engineering study is four years and the completed degree is designated as a bachelor of engineering. The curriculum generally includes classes in physics, mathematics, project management, design and important topics in civil engineering. Civil engineers connect the world through Roadways, Railways, Airways and Waterways.


  • The Civil Engineering Department will excel the undergraduate’s in all sub-areas of Civil engineering and Research, and in service to the society and thereby to make significant contributions to the economic development of the State, Region and Nation


  • The Mission of Civil Engineering Department is to promote quality education for industrial and social needs and to establish centre of excellence in emerging areas of research and to have regular interaction with industry and offer solutions to their problems.

Quality Objectives

  • To build young Technocrats by imparting their technical knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering and graduates will initiate life-long learning and excel in their profession.
  • To educate the graduates with the basic and advanced knowledge in civil engineering and to apply the fundamentals of mathematics, science, management and computing in engineering principles.
  • To motivate themselves in getting engineering position and practice with structural design, construction industries in private and government sectors at the national and international levels.
  • Graduates will be made aware of causes of impacts due to the development and also to identify remedial measures if necessary and to prepare Students for a life time leadership.
  • To prepare students to become successful design engineers, R&D scientists. Civil Engineering Graduates and to produce Civil Engineering graduates with good ethical skills and managerial skills to become as successful professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Civil engineering graduates can perform optimized planning, designing, implementation and continuous improvement of infrastructure using modern tools and will have sufficient team work, communication and adapt to the needs of the workplace by acquiring professional skills.


Professor & Head,
Department of Civil Engineering,
St. Joseph College Engineering,
Sriperumbudur- 602 117,
Kancheepuram District,
Tamil Nadu, India.

Mobile : +91 – 7904419214
Tel : 044 – 27162697/27162698
E-Mail : civilhod@stjoseph.ac.in

ODD Semester

II / IVNumerical MethodsDOWNLOAD
II / IVConstruction MaterialsDOWNLOAD
II / IVStrength of MaterialsDOWNLOAD
II / IVApplied Hydraulic EngineeringDOWNLOAD
II / IVSoil MechanicsDOWNLOAD
III / VIDesign of Reinforced Concrete & Brick Masonry StructuresDOWNLOAD
III / VIStructural Analysis IIDOWNLOAD
III / VIDesign of Steel StructuresDOWNLOAD
III / VIRailways, Airports and Harbour EngineeringDOWNLOAD
III / VIEnvironmental Engineering IIDOWNLOAD
III / VIConcrete TechnologyDOWNLOAD
IV / VIIIPrefabricated StructuresDOWNLOAD
IV / VIIIRepair and Rehabilitation of StructuresDOWNLOAD
IV / VIIIPrinciples of ManagementDOWNLOAD
Equipment/Instrument Details
S.NoAs per stock RegisterQuantity
1Calibration of Rotameter1
2Flow through venturimeter1
3Flow through Orificemeter1
4Flow through variable duct area-Bernoullis Experiment1
5Flow through Rectangular notch1
6Flow through Triangualr notch1
7Determination of friction /loss coefficients in pipes2
8Charateristic of Gear Pump1
9Charateristic of Submersible Pump1
10Charateristic of Reciprocating Pump1
11Charateristic of Pelton Wheel Turbine1
12Charateristic of Francis Turbine1
13Charateristic of Kaplan Turbine1
14Determination Of Metacentric Height1
S.NoAs per stock RegisterQuantity
S.NoAs per stock RegisterQuantity
1Concrete Cube Mould (150x150x150 mm)6
2Cylindrical Mould (150 mmx300 mm) high cast iron3
3Concrete Prism Mould (100x100x500 mm)3
4Standard Test Sieves G.I. sheet 300 mm dia,100mm,80 mm,63 mm,40 mm,25 mm,20 mm,12.5 mm,6.3 mm,4.75 mm,lid&pan1 Set(10)
5Concrete Mixer (1 cu.feet capacity)1
6Slump Test Apparatus3
7Vibrating table1
8Trowels and Planners1
9Vee-Bee Consistometer1
10Aggregate Impact Test Apparatus1
11Variable flow type air permeability apparatus (Blain type)1
12Standard Penetrometer1
13Ring and Ball Apparatus1
14Standard Tar Viscometer (Electrically Heated)1
15Hot air oven (450x450x450 mm)1
16Centrifuge Extractor (Motorised)1
17Specific gravity density bottles3
18Weighing balance (20 kg/1 gm)1
19Compaction Factor Apparatus1
20Compression Testing Machine,Single Gauge,2000 kN1
21Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus1
22Laboratory CBR Apparatus,Hand Operated1
23Film Stripping device (Electrically Operated)1
24Flow table Apparatus1
25Ductility Testing Machine1
26Marshall Apparatus1
27Flexure Testing Machine1
28Los Angles Apparatus1
29Flakiness & Elongation Indices

Academic year Activity Report (2017 – 2018)

108-06-2017Final year students D.Gopi, P.Daniel Lovely Son, B.Ajith Kumar, M.Gopinath, P.Dilipkumar, and S.Arockya Antony attended in-plant training at PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT, in Chennai from 8- 06-2017 to 18-06-2017
221-06-2017Final year students P.Mahalakshmi, G.Mahalakshmi,S.Showmiya and V.Shakthikamini attended in-plant training at CHENNAI PORT TRUST, in Chennai from 21-06-2017 to 26-06-2017.
321-06-2017Our staff member Ms.J.Jensika Rani attends one day FDP in DMI College of engineering under the topic
“Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering” .
422-06-2017Our staff member Mr.M.vignesh attends one day FDP in LOYOLLA Institute of Technology under the
topic “Design of RC Elements” .
527-06-2017A department assembly was conducted in the staff room of civil department for the staffs.
627-06-2017A motivational talk was given by our CIVIL HOD Dr.K.Deepa to the staffs and the students were
instructed to follow the rules and regulations of the college.
713-07-2017Ist Class Committee meeting for II, III and IV year students was conducted and the reports were recorded.
811-08-2017A one day work workshop was provided for III year students in topic “Foundation Engineering” –
Resource Person is Dr.A.Venkatesan M.E., Ph.D from Anna University, Ariyalur Campus
912-08-2017Final years students attended a symposium in Eswari Engineering College .
1022-08-2017A one day industrial visit had been arranged for Final year students to CHOLA MANDALAM ARTIST
1123-08-2017Conducted a one day Guest Lecturer in CADD Software for Final year and Third Year students on
23.8.2017, given by Mr.Aswin, , from Chennai CADD Software Solutions, Nugambakkam, Chennai.
1229-08-20172nd Class Committee meeting for II, III and IV year students was conducted and the reports were recorded.
1330-08-2017Final years and Third year students attended a symposium in Loyola Institute of Technology .
1431-08-2017A one day industrial visit had been arranged for III & II year students to RAY MIX CONCRETE PVT
1514-09-2017A one day industrial visit had been arranged for Final year students to DHAKSHANA CHITRA,
1615-09-2017A one day industrial visit had been arranged for II & III YEAR students to EXNORA ZERO WASTE
1719-09-20173rd Class Committee meeting for II, III and IV year students was conducted and the reports were recorded
1822-09-2017A one day GUEST LECTURE was provided for IV year students in topic “PRESTRESSED
CONCRETE STRUCTURES” – Resource Person is Dr.R.TAMILSELVI M.E., PhD from Sri Venkateshwara College of engineering, Sriperumbudur.
1923-09-2017second and final year students attended a symposium in Sri Venkateshwara College of engineering,
Sriperumbudur and got second prize in paper presentation.
2023-09-2017Final and Third year students attended a symposium in DMI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING .
2126-09-2017A one day industrial visit had been arranged for II, III & IV students to CSIR-STRUCTURAL
2227-09-20173rd Staff meeting for all staffs was conducted and the reports were recorded.
2327-09-2017We celebrated the ayutha pooja In Our Department
2402-10-2017Department meeting is conducted for all the faculty members and recorded after motivational meeting.
2505-10-2017A one day GUEST LECTURE was provided for II year students in topic “MECHANICS OF FLUIDS”
–Resource Person is Dr.R.SUDHARSANAN M.E., PhD from Velammal Engineering College, Chennai.
2606-10-2017Final year students attend placement in the company “SPIRAL UP” .
2707-10-2017Model exams are planned and conducted from 07.10.2017 for the year II, III &IV with effective
2811-10-20174th Staff meeting for all staffs was conducted and the reports were recorded
2912-10-2017The Demo class for Total station was explained in field by Mr.sakthivel from LAWRENCE &MAYO to
civil department faculties.
3019-10-2017Model lab are conducted for II year in effective manner for survey lab-I.
3119-10-2017Model lab for IV year are conducted in effective manner for STADD
3219-10-2017COMMUNICATION model labs is properly conducted on 19.10.2017
3320-10-2017Model lab are conducted for II year in effective manner on 20.10.2017 for CADD
3424-10-2017Department meeting conducted for all the faculty members and recorded
3526-10-2017University labs are conducted for II, III & IV year students in effective manner from 26.10.2017
3629-10-2017Department meeting is conducted for all the faculty members an d discussed about the department
further acitivities
3730-10-2017University Theory exams are started effectively from 30.10.2017
3802-11-2017Motivational meeting are conducted for civil engineering staff member along with principal and vice
3906-11-2017Upcoming semester work loads are planned and course work is initiated
4007-11-2017Our Department members take role in various committees like Discipline, Sports, Placement, etc., and
work effectively.
4120-11-2017Department meeting was conducted and all the faculty members had their presence
4222-11-2017Our faculty members Ms. R. Meenakshi and Mr. N. Perumal Raja attended the faculty development
4323-11-2017Our faculty members Ms. V. Yamuna and Mr. M. Vignesh attended the faculty development program
4404-12-2017Even semester classes are effectively started from 04.12.2017
4504-12-2017Open day function was conducted for all department faculties and students in muthaiah auditorium.
Motivational speech is given by principal
4606-12-2017Students Aadhar card number details are collected and updated as per principal instruction .
4711-12-2017Cycle tests are conducted every day as per schedule from 11.12.2017
4813-12-2017Department meeting are held on 13.12.2017 and academic activities were discussed after completion of
HOD’S meeting
4921-12-2017Department meeting are held on 21.12.2017 and academic activities were discussed after completion of
HOD’S meeting
5022-12-2017Students have participated in cultural events for Christmas day celebration in MUTHAIAH auditorium
5103-01-2018After Completing Christmas holiday’s regular classes are started effectively from 03.01.20181. After
Completing Christmas holiday’s regular classes are started effectively from 03.01.2018
5203-01-2018Result Analysis meeting was conducted and results are dicussed
5305-01-2018Department Assembly meeting are successfully conducted and motivational speech is given by
Mr.perumal raja and Hod mam
5406-01-2018Internal assessment test I are planned to conduct 06.01.2018 onwards
5518-01-2018Pongal day celebration was successfully celebrated.
5622-01-2018Placement were conducted on 22.01.2018 by “Decathlon” and our Department student Mr.Yogeshkumar
from final year is selected with good package
5724-01-2018Cultural events were conducted and civil department students are participated, won the first place and
awarded by Special Guest.
5825-01-2018Class Commitee meeting conducted for all year committee members, points are discussed and recorded
5925-01-2018Women entrepreneurship programme is conducted and civil Department girls were participated and well
6029-01-2018Internal assessment test-1 retests are conducted regularly from 29.01.2018 and marks are filed
6101-02-2018Inception was conducted by DFT members for the civil department staffs, Result analysis, notes of lesson, lesson plan and files are verified from 12.20 pm to 4.45pm
6202-02-2018Department meeting held by HOD ,points are discussed and recorded
6303-02-2018Internal assessment test-2 is started effectively from 03.02.2018
6406-02-2018Department meeting held by HOD , points are discussed and recorded
6505-03-2018Final year revision class was started
6612-03-2018Second and third year revision class was started