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Member of Amazon Web Service Educate

With an aim to create the Next generation IT and Cloud professionals, Amazon.com, the biggest e-commerce company via its Amazon Web Services has launched its flagship program called ‘AWS Educate’. St. Joseph College of Engineering is a member of this Web service which provides knowledge on current technologies.

The program is intended to provide real-world technological insight inside the classroom, and prepare students to join the cloud workforce.
With the proliferation of the cloud technology, the business scenario around the world has changed. What we see today is the rapid infusion of cloud technology with genomics, startups, and innovation. The practice of cloud computing has transcended the app development scene and has transformed the way business is done. Amazon’s AWS Educate empowers instructors in the classroom to accept newer method of teaching with the new innovative tools. This process aims to develop the skill set of students who then can design, develop and operate apps using AWS Cloud.