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About the S&H Department The Department of Science and Humanities was established in the year 2008.The Science and Humanities Department is one of the most successful and multi – faceted Departments. The Department encourages students to actively learn, participate and demonstrate the capabilities learnt on fundamental and applied concepts in Science thereby enhancing quality of life for the human kind. It is housed in a separate building with excellent classrooms, laboratory facilities and a conference hall with excellent acoustics. The Department imparts in-depth knowledge on a wide range of subjects namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics and English.

Essential communication skills are developed and polished in this Department. The Department develops in each student, a mastery of the fundamentals, a capacity of individual and analytical thought, a motivation for learning, an intellectual discipline and self-reliance that are the cornerstone for continuing professional achievement. The Main objective of the department is to make the students to understand the basic concepts of Mathematics, Science, and Language, so as to enable them improves their aptitude skills.

Programmes on Creativity on Project demonstrations (SCIPALOOZA), Personality Development, Career Development and Counseling are arranged by inviting eminent resource Persons. The department has also conducted GREEN –O- FEST (Chemistry), EARTH DAY (Physics), and RMC CLUB (Maths).