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Electrical & Electronics Engg

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at ST Joseph College of Engineering .We hope you have an informative visit to our website.The Electrical & Electronics Engineering department at the Sjce was established in 2008. The sheer hard work and enthusiasm of the faculty and students of the department has helped in making it one of the best departments on campus.The zeal and fervour with which the department is working will surely help it to achieve further success.The field of Electrical Engineering is highly dynamic and exciting as it provides excellent career opportunities in all sectors of society. The electrical engineering advancements reshape our modern society in all aspects including health, business, education and entertainment. Electrical Engineers design and implement a wide range of systems such as power generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunication networks, electrical machines and modern industrial control systems. The Electrical Engineering curriculum is a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The course has been designed with the aim of providing breadth and depth of knowledge and significant design experience across the key areas of Electrical Engineering that evolve with society needs.


Vision of the department

  • Producing Students to meet Global Industrial Challenges and Social needs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, inculcated with Human Values and Professional Ethics

Missions of the Department

  • M1:To Impart Proficiency in Solving Multidisciplinary Problem, Social Issues and Tenacity Required to transcend in the Electrical Field.
  • M2:To Develop Effective Engineers to Understand Increasing Global Challenges in the Field of Research and Development.
  • M3:Enhancing Communication, Technical, Ethical Values with Leadership Qualities to Become an Entrepreneur

Quality Objectives

  • To apply Mathematical and Sciences to impart high quality technical skills for Designing, Modelling and Analyzing
  • Creating ability to solve Multidisciplinary problem with Global Competence.
  • Educating the students to Communicate Effectively as team players to cope with building a Prospective Careers
  • To experience success in Electrical Engineering areas or other diverse fields that requires Analytical and Professional skills.


Mr.P.Arokia Prasad
Professor & Head,
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
St. Joseph College Engineering,
Sriperumbudur- 602 117,
Kancheepuram District,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Mobile : +91 -9092525977
Tel : 044 – 27162697/27162698
Email : eeehod@stjoseph.ac.in

Lab In-Charge: A.G. Karthikeyan

  • To provide the students a chance to put theory into practice.
  • To get familiar with DC machines, Transformers, synchronous machines and induction motors and give them experimental skills.
  • To understand the basic principles of operation of rotating electric machines, their classification, and basic efficiency and performance characteristics.
  • To understand the operation and basic configuration of AC machines, including the synchronous motor and generator, and the induction machine.

List of Equipments:

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Details of Lab Handling:

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Lab In-charge: J.A. Michline Rupa

  • To provide knowledge on control system analysis and modern engineering tools for engineering practice.
  • Able to elucidate the basic operation of various sensor devices.
  • To provide the knowledge on design of control system along with basics of instrumentation.
  • To simulate and design various stability analysis.

List of Equipments:

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Details of Lab Handling:

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Lab Incharge: A. Aswini

  • Ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  • Able to elucidate the basic operation of various power semiconductor devices and passive components.
  • Able to apply power electronic circuits for different loads.
  • To simulate and design various gate firing circuits.

List of Equipments:

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Details of Lab Handling:

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Academic Year 2018-2019

Academic Year 2017-2018

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odd Sem Activities:

Industrial Visit was organized by Electrical and Electronic department. Under with the guidance Mr.Suresh.P, Mr.karthikeyan, Ms.Rupa, Ms.Shobana (Assistant professor of EEE dept) and on 29th July 2017 for student of 4th semester and 6th semester student of EEE, to give them guidance and awareness about the actual thermal power plant.

As Our Department has arranged us Industrial visit for final year students of EEE DEPARTMENT. On 02.08.2017(Wednesday) sharply at 9.00 A.M all the final year students (42 members) along with 3 Asst. Professor boarding on the bus and reached “ALAMATHY SUBSTATION (400/230) near REDHILLS” at 11.00 A.M. There we have learnt about the construction, working, transmission in depth about the transformer. Transformers are cooled by using “AIR FORCED, OIL IMMERSED METHOD”. Grade oil is used and they are changed yearly once. Oil used has undergone 3 tests such as acidity test etc. When bubbles formed transformer become ideal, input & output automatically trips. Auto Re-closer are used for single phase one shot and it will not be changed again. Coupling transformer are used to allow high frequency and it blocks low frequency voltages. After visiting the transformer area then we moved to the control room there we learn about “DISTANCE PROTECTION” which indicates the severity of the fault. When fault occurs alarm will arise and shows WHAT TYPE OF FAULT? WHERE IT ARISE? With an indication signal (red light) on the zones. Various types of faults are as follows PLCC, Channel out, Main 1 relay protection operated, spring not charged etc. We have to isolate power supply before opening the panel cover. Overall operating pressure of the transformer is 7.5MW.We have also visited BATTERY ROOM, CABLE ROOM.

Date: 06.08.2017
Venue: Seminar Hall I

  • A Parent- teachers meet was conducted on6thaugust 2017 (9.00am to 12.30pm) in the seminar hall I and conference hall.
  • Totally 64 parents attended the meeting (19 Parents from IInd year, 30 parents from IIIrd year and 15 parents from final year)
  • Parents of Second year, third year, final year students met their respective class coordinators and Head of the department and were discussed with the following.
    • Semester results
    • IAT1 results
    • Discipline issues
  • Student’sProgress report of IAT1 was given to their respective parents.
  • Finally the meet ended with the valedictory function with the encouraging speech given by Rev.Fr.Savariappan.
  • Parent of Mr. Sutheesh gave her satisfactory feedback about the meeting.
  • The meet was concluded by the vote of thanks given by our HOD, Mr. Arokiya Prasad.
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DATE: 8/8/17

The workshop was planned to be organized on 8th august 2017, in the title “soft computing tools” for Third and Final year students. We discussed to arrange the workshop on the seminar hall by 9 am and then we invited Dr.P.Siva Kumar Associate professor, EEE at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Thandalam. The hands on session also planned to be conducted on VLSI lab, Morning hands on session for final years and afternoon for the third year students. The workshop was scheduled from 9am to 3.30pm.


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As our department has planned for an “INDUSTRIAL VISIT”based on solid waste management plant which is located near “MAMALLAPURAM”.All the FINAL YEAR students of EEE DEPARTMENT are actively present for this “INDUSTRIAL VISIT”.On 10.08.2017(Thursday),sharply at 9.00A.M we all boarding on the bus and reached the plant at 11.10A.M. We are undertaken by Mr.P.SURESH(Assistant professor EEE dept), Mr.KARTHIKEYAN(Assistant professor EEE dept),Mrs.Shanmuga Priya(assistant professor EEE dept),Mrs.Infantachristina(Assistant professor EEE dept).SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT plant was successfully run by an “HAND IN HAND INDIA” which is an NGO organization and it is established around 7 countries and it undergoes 5 various types of activities.It is introduced in 2008 chennai-near Mamallapuram.

Mamallapuram is a UNESCO world heritage site,home to some of the most magnificent temples and other historical monuments built between the 7th and 9th centuries.A very popular tourist destination,the town attracts thousands of national and international tourists. On an average 3 metric tons of food waste is generated per day from the hotels in MAMALLAPURAM.
In association with the mamallapuram town panchayat,we installed a “BIO-METHANATION PLANT” to efficiently manage “BIO-DEGRADABLE” waste,especially food waste,generated by the hotels in mamallapuram.
A 100 cu.m bio-methanation plant with a capacity of handling 500 to 800 kg of food waste every day has been installed.The food waste is converted to METHANE which is in turn converted to “ELECTRICITY”.A 12.5KVA generator which runs exclusively on BIOGAS has also been installed. The generator has a capacity to produce electricity at 10KW per hour.The bio-methanation plant in mamallapuram is a model project that demonstrates the reduced dependency on CONVENTIONAL ENERGY SOURCES.It serves as a demonstrstion unit for other local bodies to replicate for resource recovery and proper management of organic waste, particularly FOOD WASTE.
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As Our Department has arranged us Industrial visit for final year students of EEE DEPARTMENT.On 25.08.2017(Friday) sharply at 4.30A.M all the final year students (38 members) along with 2 Asst. Professor boarding on the bus and reached “NEYVELI LIGNITE CORPORATION-CUDDALORE DISTRICT” at 11.30A.M.Industrial Visit was organized by Electrical and Electronics department. Under with the guidance of our (Hod) Mr.Arokiya Prasad and Miss.Maria Shobana(Asst.Professor of EEE dept).There we have learntabout the developed products of the plant such as electricity generation and distribution,hydroelectricity,wind power, energy trading.
NEYVELI LIGNITE CORPORATIONIndia Limited is a ‘Navratna’ profit making, Government of India Enterprise engaged in mining of lignite and generation of power through lignite based thermal power plants.NLCIL was established by GOL in 1956,following the discovery of lignite deposits in Neyveli,Tamilnadu.NLCIL comes under administrative control of Ministry of coal,GOL and serves as an important source of power generation to the states of Tamilnadu,Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka,Kerala,Telangana,Rajasthan and Union Territory of Puducherry.NLCIL currently operates four open cast lignite mines of total capacity of 30.6 Million Tonnes per Annum and five thermal power stations with a total installed capacity of 3240MW.The company through its subsidiary NTPL,has also recently commissioned a 1000MW coal based power plant(comprising 2 units of 500MW capacity each),10MW solar plant and 30MW wind power plant thus bringing the total installed capacity of the company to 4280MW.

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DATE: 26/8/17
Atechnical seminar was planned to be organized on 26th august 2017, in the title “POWER PLANT FAMILIARIZATION” for Second and Third year students. We discussed to arrange the seminar on the seminar hall by 9.30 am and then we invited Mr.M.GANGADHARAN Chief Manager, at NLC INDIA Neyveli. The technical seminar was scheduled from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

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Inception of Mentorship day
In the department meeting we are planned to conduct a Mentorship day on 26/8/17 (AN) to students. Every staff members are assigned with their corresponding students.
Event at glance
The staff members met their corresponding mentor students in different venues. Discussions are made with their students about Academic performance and personal details. The staff are analysed the IAT-1 and university results and got feedback from them.
Students feedback
They are very refreshed and happy about the mentorship process and assured that they perform well on future exams.
All staffs are motivated them to participate extra curicullar activities and events in other colleges

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Even Sem Activities:

We started our industrial career with SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC in the year 2009 at our PATTARAVAKKAM unit with Build up area of 810 sqft with 5 employees for SCRAP REWORK. Then we shifted our concern in the year 2011 to new premise at MTH Road in Ambattur with build up area of 6000 sqft with 100 employees for MCB Breaker (M9) Assembly with 10 Lines and for Welding machines (Magnetic sub-Assembly and Thermal Triple Welding). Capacity with (M9) 10 Lines we produced around 9,75,000 Nos Breaker per Month in the year from 2012-2015.

Again we expand our business with SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC and relocated our concern in the year 2015 to new premise at Ambattur Industrial Estate. Where Schneider Electric was located in the year of 2000. Current premise is Build up with area of 33000 sqft With 330 employees for MCB Breaker Assembly (M9 and TIMNH). In M9 we are having 13 Lines and for TIM NH we are having 10 Lines. Totally we have 23 Lines for Breaker Assembly. Capacity with (M9) 13 Lines we are producing around 16,51,860 Nos of MCB Breaker per Month. Capacity with (TIM NH) 10 Lines we producing around 7,20,000 Nos of MCB Breaker per Month. So totally we are producing Approximately 23,71,860 nos of MCB Breaker per Month at our new premises from 2015-2017.

Mr. A.G. Karthikeyan, AP/EEE Signing MOU with Global Tech

Date of Visit: 19/01/2018
Faculty Coordinators: A.G. Karthikeyan, A. Aswini, Mariya shobana

Department of Electrical Engineering has organized an industrial visit of (TNEB), Alamathi400 kV substation on above mentioned date for3rd year students.

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Fuji Electric India Pvt. Ltd., a 100 % Subsidiary of “Fuji Electric Group”. Fuji Electric India was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Mumbai with a Pan-India presence. The company caters to a wide range of products from AC Drives, Motion Controllers, PLCs, DCS, HMI, Semiconductors and Field Instruments.

Vishay Precision Transducers Pvt Ltd, Oragadam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India -602105, a 100 % Subsidiary of “Vishay Precision Group” was established in 1962 and is headquartered in United States. The company has a long heritage of innovation in precision foil resistors and foil strain gages and manufacturer and marketer of load cells, weigh modules, sensors

As our department has planned for an “INDUSTRIAL VISIT “based on solid waste management plant which is located near “MAMALLAPURAM”.All the SECOND & THIRDYear students of EEE DEPARTMENT are actively present for this “INDUSTRIAL VISIT”. On 12.02.2018(MONDAY),sharply at 9.00A.M we all boarding on the bus and reached the plant at 11.10A.M.We are undertaken by Mr.P.SURESH(Assistant professor EEE dept),Mr.KARTHIKEYAN(Assistant professor EEE dept),SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT plant was successfully run by an “HAND IN HAND INDIA” which is an NGOorganization and it is established around 7 countries and it undergoes 5 various types of activities.It is introduced in 2008 chennai-near Mamallapuram.

A team of students from various department of EEE,ECE,CSE,IT has planned to conduct a NATIONAL LEVEL TECHNICAL SYMPOSIUM on 15.02.2018(Thursday) at ST.JOSEPH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. Around 500 members from various departmentshave planned to conduct many technical events based on their core of the departments. The inauguration ceremony started sharply at 9.30 A.M on auditorium by our honorable Chief Guest Mr.M.Pandi Alagu Raja (Manager-HR) along with The Principal Dr.T.Ahilan (M.E, Ph.D), Vice Principal Dr.M.Navaneetha Krishnan, Administrator Rev.Fr.S.Xavier Manoj, convenor Mr.P.Arokiya Prasad (AP&HOD- EEE Dept),Along with the HOD’S.More than 30 Staffs from various department and students from our college as well as other colleges are also take part in the inauguration ceremony.The message where given to the audience by our chief Guest as well as principal and administrator. In a form paying gratitude felicitation is done by our administrator.The main aim of this symposium is to enhance the knowledge of the students and to improve their team work as well as their leadership quality. After inauguration the various events are started at different venues by the students sharply at 10.30 A.M.

Department of EEE:

Chairman: S.Sutheesh (FINAL YEAR-EEE DEPT)

Venue: ST.JOSEPH BLOCK (3rd Floor)

Starting Time: 11.00 A.M


  • Paper Presentation
  • Circuit Debugging
  • Technical Quiz
  • Project Expo
  • Adzap

Separate crew members are allotted for each event. The participants from various colleges are actively participated in each event. Paper Presentation were done on seminar hall and judged by 2 staff members from EEE Dept. More than 27 papers are presented and the best paper will be rewarded by the cash prize worth Rs.2500. And 3 Shields are provided for each event winners as well as for runner-up. The events are completed sharply at 3.20 P.M .The students from various college has enjoyed a lot and the volunteers belongs to the department are maintain the discipline throughout the session.

Based On: Information, Embedded and Communication Systems

Organized by: Department of EEE, ECE, CSE And IT

Venue: St.Joseph College of Engineering, Sripermbudur, Chennai

Date: 07.03.2018(Wednesday)

On behalf of ST.JOSEPH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, department of EEE,ECE,CSE AND IT has arranged 1stINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on information, embedded and communication system at seminar hall on 07.03.2018(Wednesday).The inauguration ceremony started at 9.30 A.M on seminar hall by our honorable chief guest Dr.T.K.THIVAKARAN (Professor and HOD of IT-SRM university) along with The Principal Mr.Ahilan(M.E.Ph.D), Vice Principal Mr.Navaneetha Krishnan, Administrator Rev.Father.Xavier Manoj and Convenor Mr.P.Arokiya Prasad(AP&HOD EEE DEPT-SJCE). After inauguration the event of PAPER PRESENTATION starts at 10.30 A.M. The main goal of organizing this conference is to share and enhance the knowledge of each and every participant.

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Paper Presentation:

Paper presentation for department of EEE and ECE on seminar hall was judged by Mr.Durairaj (AP- ECE Dept) .Dr.Diana (HOD ECE Dept) and Mrs.Ashwini (AP-EEE Dept).Similarly for the department of CSE and IT was judged by . Simultaneous questions are asked by the judges towards the participants about the project and future expansion and its application. They also give some suggestions about the projects. The participants accepted the suggestions given by the judges in a positive manner and they do not hesitate to answer the questions raised by the judges. The judges as well as participants maintain the patience throughout the conference. Participants are rewarded with the certificate for their active participation.Thus event has been completed with a grand success.

As Our Department has arranged an Industrial visit for all the students of EEE DEPARTMENT.On 09.03.2018(Friday) sharply at 7.30A.M all the students (104 members) from EEE Dept along with 4 Asst. Professor boarding on the bus and reached “MADRAS ATOMIC POWER STATION-KALPAKKAM” at 10.30A.M.Industrial Visit was organized by Electrical and Electronics department. Under with the guidance of Mr.P.Arokiya Prasad (AP&HOD EEE Dept), Miss. Maria Shobana (AP-EEE Dept), Miss.Micheline Rupa (AP-EEE Dept), and Mr.Karthikeyan (AP-EEE Dept) .There we have learnt about the generation, transmission and distribution process. We also see the commissiong plant of madras atomic power station with an installed capacity of 500MW.


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 Two Marks with Answers

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