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Information Technology

Welcome to Information Technology

Information technology builds a solid foundation in software and hardware through absolute teaching and industry towards projects. Our department aims to develop skills in processing data and information to solve complex problem, as well as to motivate the students to learn programming languages, algorithm and information structures. The Department has entered into mou with vani analytics, calibertechnologies for software training and Faculty Development Programmes, besides R&D activities. The students of the Department have brought out quite number of innovative projects such as GPS in Traffic Management, Smart Cards, etc. The software team of the Department has made laudable contribution by developing software for campus management, attendance help line and on-line test.


  • To produce challenging IT Professionals to the dynamic needs of the Emerging Trends in the field of Information Technology


  • M1:  To Provide all necessary Inputs to the Students for them to grow into knowledge Engineers and Scientists attaining Excellence in Domain knowledge in practice and theory.
  • M2: To Prepare IT professionals with Global mindset having high Professional Competence, Outstanding Leadership Qualities and Personal Integrity.
  • M3: To Enhance Career opportunities for Students through Industry Institute Interaction and value added courses.

Quality objectives

  • Apply knowledge of Societal Impacts of Information Technologies in the Course of their career related activities ethically and appropriately.
  • Engage in Life-long learning, to remain current in their Profession and obtain additional Qualifications to enhance their career positions in IT Industries.
  • By moulding students to be an active Team player, possessing strong Interpersonal Skills and Leadership Quality with Entrepreneurial ability.
  • Implement computing solutions for Real World problems and carry out basic and applied research leading to new Innovations in Information Technology (IT) and related Interdisciplinary areas.
  • By encouraging continuous Self-learning ability, students are trained to meet the current demands of Industry, carrying out Research in cutting Edge Technologies.


Professor & Head,
Department of Information Technology,
St. Joseph College Engineering,
Sriperumbudur- 602 117,
Kancheepuram District,
Tamil Nadu, India.

Mobile : +91 – 9943226091
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Email : ithod@stjoseph.ac.in

Students are provided opportunity to apply the concepts learnt inside the classroom in the modern, well equipped laboratories of the Department of Information Technology. The experiments are designed such that the learning of the students is stimulated. In each laboratory course in the curriculum, the students are given an open choice of experiment named as ‘Mini project’ for that particular laboratory at the end of the course. This kindles the interest of the students in the knowing about the application of the devices concepts learn in the course.


  • To prepare the students for successful careers in Information Technology and to cater the need providing training to excel in competitive examinations for higher education and employment.
  • To provide students a broad-based curriculum with a firm foundation in Information Technology to impart high quality technical skills for designing, modeling, analyzing critical problem solving with global competence.
  • To inculcate professional, social, ethical, effective communication skills and entrepreneurial practice among their holistic growth.
  • To provide Information Technology students with an academic environment and members associated with student related professional bodies for multi disciplinary approach and for lifelong learning.
  • To prepare Information Technology students to develop research aptitude to carry out research cutting edge technologies to solve the real time problems and to provide technical consultancy services.
  • To impart the core concepts of Algorithm analysis, Optimization and computing techniques to enable computer science and engineering students in developing next generation Computer systems.

Lab handled:

  • IT6311 – Programming and Data Structures Laboratory
  • IT6312 – Database Management Systems Laboratory
  • IT6412 – Operating Systems Laboratory
  • IT6413 – Software Engineering Laboratory
  • IT6412 – Operating Systems Laboratory
  • IT6413 – Software Engineering Laboratory
  • IT6611 – Mobile Application Development Laboratory
  • IT6612 – Compiler Laboratory
  • IT6711 – Data Mining Laboratory
  • IT6712 – Security Laboratory
  • IT6713 – Grid and Cloud Computing Laboratory