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Research is vigorous and pioneering, and this creates a stimulating environment for study. SJCE attaches great importance to the quality of its learning and teaching .Students learning takes place in research environment in which students benefit from interaction with researchers who are working at the frontiers of knowledge in their disciplines.

At SJCE, the research culture impacts progressively on students. In the early stages,students are given a flavor of the research activities in their subjects.

As they progress, students participate increasingly in learning activates which are influenced by staff research and scholarships. Case studies or experiments used inclass may be derived fromlive research projects.

In order to turn the research dreams of students into reality, SJCE has established partnerships with a wide range of organization and industry sectors.

S.NoNameResearch AreaYear of Completion
1Dr. J .P. AnanthImage processing2012
2Dr.B. DeepaWater Resource2015
3Dr. D C. DianaSignal Processing2017
4Mr. M.NavaneethakrishnanNetwork Security 2017
5Mr. Senthil KumarHeat Transfer2017
6Mr. R. CristinImage Processing2017
7Mr. R. GaneshanNetwork SecurityDoing
8Mr. P. G. OmprakashWeb miningDoing
9Mr. M. DurairajImage processingDoing
10Mr. S. P. PremnathImage processingDoing
11Mr. K. Michael MaheshImage processingDoing
12Mrs. VidyadhariChalasaniNetwork SecurityDoing
13Mr. P. Arokiya PrasadPower systemsDoing
14Mr. P. SureshPower systemsDoing
15Mr. H. SreejithMaterialsDoing
16Mrs. N. SheejaChemistryDoing
17Mr. N. VelmuruganMathematicsDoing
18Mr. HarendraDadiPhysicsDoing
19Mrs. P. PremaKumariPhysicsDoing
20Mr.VijayaAnandMicro ChannelsDoing
21Mr. KanthasamyComposite materialsDoing
22Mr. TamilanbanComposite materialsDoing
23Mr. Antony PrabhuWeldingDoing
24Mr. AnbuAir conditioningDoing
25Mr. Danish BabuElectrical discharge machineDoing
26Mr. GopinathManufacturingDoing
27Mr. CrushanWeldingDoing