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The college directs its concerted attention on 3 dimensions of holistic development viz academic excellence, achievements in sports & games & involvement in community welfare. A well developed gymnasium is available for the students. Facilities for various games like volley ball, cricket, hockey, ball badminton, table tennis, Basket Ball etc are provided.

Sports activities occupy a signification part of the college curriculum at St.Joseph College of Engineering, Physical Education & sports play vital role in achieving the aims and objectives of education. Keeping in view the importance of sports in today’s scientific era and its vitality in shaping overall personality and “health &fitness” of the individual, the college lays considerable emphasis on students participation in various games, sports and track and field activities.

The college gives importance to physical activities to up the physique and also to boost one’s sprit . A period is set aside in the timetable for indoor and outdoor games. Various Courts for different games along with well prepared ground for various sports and games are made available to students. All the students, are excepted to take part in these games/ sports to develop his/ her abilities and benefits by the true spirit of sportmanship.

There are three qualified physical education staff. Both male and female students, are sent for inter college sports meet in various Anna University Zone and our students have won many prizes in several events and games.

To help our students mould themselves into a very disciplined community governed by ethical values and spirituality, We encourage them to develop a strong body which will hold a sound mind. The sports meet does not so much aim at the competitive spirit, but that it encourages a good sense of comradeship and understanding.The students must participate with a true spirit of sportsmanship and enjoy having played and not grieve having lost. We wish the coordinators and all the students, a happy and healthy participation in all the events.